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Our projects preserve, enhance and increase understanding of Perth and Kinross's historic environment.

PKHT has a long history of delivering projects in partnership with others, either as lead and supported by others, or delivering specific activities and outputs in projects led by others. Since we were established in 1988, the Trust has carried out a wide range of projects on historic buildings, archaeological sites, and the enhancement of historic urban areas.

With subjects as diverse as the excavation and recovery of a prehistoric logboat to the re-instatement of 19th century iron railings, they include the restoration and refurbishment of the Library Lodge, Perth, which then served as our office until 2019.

Common themes running through projects include enhancement of the historic environment, partnership working, community benefit, life-long learning, and economic regeneration.

Completed Projects

The King’s Seat Hillfort Archaeology Project took place between 2017-2021 as a partnership between Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust and the Dunkeld and Birnam Historical Society to better understand and inform management of the enigmatic Pictish fort near Dunkeld.

A Regional Archaeological Research Framework covering the Perth and Kinross local authority region (PKARF) that complements the Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (ScARF), offering a finer resolution picture that better informs our understanding of past human activity in the area and the priorities for future research.

The Glenshee Archaeology Project ran between 2012 and 2017 with the aim of uncovering the fascinating story of prehistoric and early historic life in Glenshee.

Explore a selection of the Trust's boat building projects aimed at raising awareness of regional rivercraft heritage and pass on skills knowledge to future generations.

The Tay Landscape Partnership (TayLP) was a £2.6 million initiative, led by Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust and Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust to celebrate the cultural and natural heritage of the inner Tay estuary.

A project focusing on the Historic Churchyards of Eastern Perthshire, conserving structures, improving management and engaging with local communities to celebrate these remarkable repositories of religious and secular life.

A project to conserve bridges and promote the history of General Wade and the 18th Century military road network in Perth and Kinross.

An exciting project inspired by the 3,000 year old Carpow vessel to build a Bronze Age log-boat using replica tools and techniques.

A major project led by the Trust over 10 years, to excavate, recover, conserve and display a 3,000 year old log-boat from the Tay estuary.

A project exploring the architecture and use of monumental roundhouses in upland Perthshire through the excavation of an example in Black Spout Wood, Pitlochry,

A project to conserve and bring back into use the B-Listed Library Lodge, located beside the AK Bell Library in Perth.

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