Community Archaeology

Archaeological skills training is vitally important for maintaining professional standards and best practice within the sector.  Local training provision is key to creating accessible opportunities for those considering future employment in the archaeology sector to obtain practical experience.

Over the last decade the Trust has increasingly offered practical archaeological skills training through its projects. These are designed with the principle of the outdoor classroom in mind and offer learning opportunities to a wide variety of audiences from students in primary, secondary and tertiary education to life-long learners.  Often working in partnership with archaeological contractors, the Trust principally offers training in excavation, recording and survey to volunteers who live locally to the project areas and across the wider region. Undergraduate archaeology and history students from across Scotland receive practical experience, often as part of assessed fieldwork modules, and in some cases provide near-to-peer training for primary and secondary school pupils.

Have a look at just a few examples below!

Explore some of our archaeological skills training initiatives…

The King’s Seat Hillfort Archaeology Project took place between 2017-2021 as a partnership between Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust and the Dunkeld and Birnam Historical Society to better understand and inform management of the enigmatic Pictish fort near Dunkeld.

The Glenshee Archaeology Project ran between 2012 and 2017 with the aim of uncovering the fascinating story of prehistoric and early historic life in Glenshee.

The Tay Landscape Partnership (TayLP) was a £2.6 million initiative, led by Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust and Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust to celebrate the cultural and natural heritage of the inner Tay estuary.

A project exploring the architecture and use of monumental roundhouses in upland Perthshire through the excavation of an example in Black Spout Wood, Pitlochry,

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