Community Heritage Grants Scheme

Supporting communities across Perth and Kinross to conserve or enhance the historic environment.

Launched in May 2021, our Community Heritage Grant Fund has been established to support community projects that conserve or enhance the historic environment within Perth and Kinross. We recognise how difficult it can be for community groups to access funding for heritage projects. To date, we have committed over £70,000 towards local heritage initiatives, and with a further £70,000 available in the fund, we hope to support many more projects over the coming years.

The Trust will consider financial support for projects which fall into either of the following categories:

Conservation of historic buildings or monuments in Perth and Kinross that have established and generally unhindered public access;

Community based recording, research and interpretation of the historic environment in Perth and Kinross.

Deadlines for applications are quarterly, on the 1st of each month:


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