Traditional Boat Building

In August 2001, a 3,000 year old dug out canoe was found preserved in the mudflats of the Tay near Abernethy. At 9 metres long and built from a single tree trunk, the Carpow Logboat is a reminder that boatbuilding has always been part of the life on the Tay and central to the region’s maritime heritage.

The skills of boatbuilding have been in decline since the Tay Salmon Fishing Fleet was disbanded and now the skills of making traditional local boats as used on the Tay are almost completely lost. Only a few individuals retain the knowledge of how to make local craft.

As with our traditional building skills initiatives, the Trust’s boat building projects seek to raise awareness of the regional heritage and pass on local knowledge to future generations as the demand for traditional boats begins to return through a resurgent interest in coastal rowing.

Boat Building at Dupplin Estate (2018-19)
The TayLP St Ayles Skiff Project (2016-17)
Previously Completed Boat Projects
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