Regional Research Framework

Perth and Kinross Archaeological Research Framework


In 2022 the Trust completed the Perth and Kinross Archaeological Research Framework (PKARF), designed to complement the Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (ScARF). The aim of the framework was to assess existing knowledge of past activity through the archaeological record, identify knowledge gaps and to establish research priorities to inform and guide future research (whether developer, academic or community led). Peer reviewed period-by-period chapters, summarising existing knowledge and suggesting research priorities, saw public consultation prior to publication.

Project Aims

To create a regional framework that is relevant and functional, helping to make the historic environment a value adding resource which enriches people’s lives and strengthens communities through sense of place, identity and education.

Key Priorities

  • To publish concise and accessible summaries of current knowledge;
  • produce clearly defined research priorities and questions to underpin future work.

PKARF can be found here:

Project Funders
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