Architectural Conservation CPD series

Principles and Best Practice for Traditional and Historic Buildings

Perth City Heritage Fund

As part of Perth City Heritage Fund, Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust organise an annual series of CPD lectures around the subject of architectural conservation. Traditional and historic buildings are an integral part of Perth and Kinross’s built environment with many of its population centres, such as Perth, celebrated for their rich historic character. Whilst valued, historic buildings are often considered difficult to maintain, expensive to repair and their traditional methods of construction complicated to refurbish and align with modern building regulations. Our CPDs will give you the tools to help unlock their potential.

Our programmes are typically attended by a range of local professionals, Local Planning Authority officers and students. They are IHBC recognised and delivered by industry experts. Each lecture runs for around an hour and features a guest speaker presenting on a topic of their choice and a short Q&A session. Since the pandemic our programme has become a digital offering (via MS Teams) with the talks being recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel (only those with tickets receive web links). Attendees all receive a certificate of attendance for their portfolios.



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