Archaeological Planning Advice

Planning Archaeology Service

Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust provides the planning archaeology service for Perth & Kinross Council in line with national planning policy (National Planning Framework 4 Policy 7) and policy 26-31 of the Perth and Kinross Local Development Plan. This involves screening each planning application made to the Planning Authority for its impact on the historic environment. While preservation and enhancement of heritage assets is the preferred outcome, in some cases development will have an unavoidable impact. In these cases, mitigation – usually in the form of investigating and recording the asset – will be required. This may take the form of a historic building survey, fencing-off of sensitive assets, archaeological monitoring of ground-breaking works or archaeological excavation. PKHT will provide Terms of Reference to set the scope of archaeological work required. We encourage pre-application enquiries.

If you have planning permission with an archaeological condition attached or a pre-application enquiry, please contact the Historic Environment Manager.

Agri-environment / Forestry Information and Advice

We welcome commercial enquiries from land managers and foresters regarding management options for heritage assets or for an extract of records from the HER – please see the PKHER Access to Information and Charging Policy for our rates, terms and conditions.


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