Historic Churchyards

Historic churchyards have often been repositories of both sacred and secular life for centuries, and this two-year project, carried out from 2011-2013, had the aim of exploring the wealth of information held in the graveyards about places, events and people in Strathmore and the Carse of Gowrie. From the Pictish stones at Kettins and Meigle to the exceptional early 17th century carved stone monument at Kinnoull, every graveyard contains carvings and inscriptions that tell the story of the local community.

Conservation work was carried out at a number of important churchyard buildings, including a morthouse, a mausoleum and a watch house, along with a programme of gravestone stabilisation. Conservation-friendly management was introduced with meadow fringes with greater biodiversity in partnership with Perth & Kinross Council.

Finally volunteers and school pupils were involved in a number of outreach events and activities, and a series of leaflets produced to accompany interpretation boards at key sites.

Project Funders

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