In August 2018 the Trust began work on a 3 year project to produce an Archaeological Research Framework for the Perth and Kinross local authority region. The Framework assesses the state of our existing knowledge about the past in Perth and Kinross through the archaeological record. From this benchmark, it then identifies knowledge gaps and establishes a series of research questions and priorities that can be used to appropriately and economically direct future archaeological research (whether developer, academic or community led).

PKARF is designed to complement the Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (ScARF), offering a finer resolution picture that better informs our understanding of past human activity at both regional and national levels.


To create a regional framework that is relevant and functional, helping to make the historic environment a value adding resource which enriches people’s lives and strengthens communities through sense of place, identity and education.

PKARF Key Priorities:

1.         Produce a resource that assists Development Control and the commercial/planning archaeology sector;

2.         Review and publish concise & accessible summaries of current knowledge;

3.         Produce clearly defined research objectives/priorities to underpin future work;

4.         Raise awareness of the historic environment & encourage public engagement with it.

PKARF Workplan:

The project is divided into three phases:

1.         Assessment: Identifying Extent of Knowledge (Aug 2018-19);

2.         Review: Establish Priorities (Aug 2019-20);

3.         Production: Creation of Framework (Aug 2020-21).

Help Frame Future Research in Perth and Kinross

We are seeking to involve as many different stakeholders and users as possible in the production of the Framework and are looking to consult with active researchers, heritage professionals and local interest groups to gather views and opinions during the Review phase (August 2019-20) of the project.

If you would like to be involved by:

  • sharing archaeological data or research;
  • nominating case studies, key projects or sites;
  • taking part in stakeholder workshops;
  • highlighting knowledge gaps;
  • suggesting future research priorities; or
  • commenting and reviewing draft documents.

Then please get in touch.

PKARF: Priorities in Progress Conference - Friday 30 August 2019

Save the date and book your travel to Perth for the first of two exciting PKARF conferences.

Priorities in Progress will be held at the AK Bell Library in Perth where summary findings from the first year of knowledge assessment and preliminary research priorities will be presented by the PKARF Champions. This will also be the first opportunity to get stuck in and contribute to the shaping of the Framework with 'think-tank' workshops where you can review drafts, nominate case studies, highlight knowledge gaps, and share your views on where future archaeological research should be directed.

Registration for Priorities in Progress is now open via Eventbrite: www.pkarf.eventbrite.co.uk

The PKARF conferences are free admission and open to all who are interested.

Student Attendance Bursaries are available from ScARF to support students with the cost of travel and accommodation to attend. For more information on how to apply please visit the ScARF Student Network pages.

Project Funders:

PKARF is funded by Historic Environment Scotland, through the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, as part of Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy. It addresses aspects of Aims 1-4 of the Strategy, delivering specifically on Objective 2.1 of the Delivery Plan.


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